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1.1 Weekly Weighted Average Interest Rate of Banks. Last 8 weeks. (Methodology 2022)

Weighted Average Interest Rates

(Last update:  Dec/02/22)
Oct/14/22 Oct/21/22 Oct/28/22 Nov/04/22 Nov/11/22 Nov/18/22 Nov/25/22 Dec/02/22
1   Saving rates        
1.1   30 days3.403.233.263.563.593.573.353.45
1.2  60 days3.803.773.794.063.593.733.744.24
1.3  90 days3.864.564.424.254.744.153.664.31
1.4  120 days4.514.164.354.054.444.714.954.32
1.5  150 days5.044.924.944.325.043.625.006.41
1.6  180 days4.644.464.964.454.764.724.814.83
1.7  360 days5.114.934.954.904.835.214.815.45
2  Loans rates        
2.1  Loans one year or less6.536.746.626.676.896.466.717.33
2.1.1  Personal loans10.0410.1110.999.958.768.9711.1610.52
2.1.2  Business loans6.466.686.546.536.846.416.657.25
2.2  Loans over one year9.989.579.509.7210.9910.3510.6110.09
2.2.1  Personal loans10.9210.6710.8711.1911.2511.1711.1111.03
2.2.2  Business loans8.958.608.478.9311.649.8210.279.89
2.2.3  Mortgage loans7.327.
2.3  Interbank loans        
2.3.1  Interbank loans (7 days)N.T.N.T.N.T.N.T.N.T.N.T.N.T.N.T.
3  Repos in stock exchange yield        
3.1  4.1  Repos in stock exchange yield (7 days or less)

N.T. : There were no transactions

N.D. : No disponible 

N.T.: No available figures at the moment of publish.


1. A methodological change was implemented in January 2022.

If you need series from previos periods, calculated with new o previos methodology, you may consult them from main page (, option Our Work,
Statistic Databse, Monetary Sector, Interest Rates of the Financial System.

2. This release is issued aroung the seventeen hours of each tuesday and wednesday in Diario El Salvador newspaper.

3. In line with the Monetary Integration Act, since January first 2001, all banking operations are expressed in US Dollars.

Source: Commercial Banks and Stock Exchange of El Salvador (BVES)