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Friday, 13 April 2012 11:56

Funciones y Organizacion, fachada edificio

Art. 3 of Fundamental Law of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador, states: "Central Reserve Bank will have as fundamental objective to watch over currency stability and to maintain favorable monetary, exchange, credit and financial conditions to preserve economic stability."

Same article define functions of the Central Reserve Bank as to prevent and to moderate inflationary and deflationary tends; to presserve liquidity and stability of financial system; to favour the development of an efficient, competitive and solvent financiall system; to regulate the expansion of the credit of the financial system; to watch over the normal operation of internal and externalpayment system; to maintain adequate levels of means of payments; to issue policies and rules for monetary, exchange, credit and financial subjects; to coordinate policies with government economic policy; and to develop activities, operations and services stated by laws and other dispositions compatible to its central bank nature.


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