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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:35
Oscar Cabrera Melgar

From June 1st, 2014 up to date

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Received his PhD in Economics and Research Proficiency at the University of Seville, Spain ( Cum Laude ) majoring in International Economics and Development Economics .

He received recognition as " Research Economist 2013 " by the Association of Professionals in Economics ( COLPROCE ) El Salvador .
Prior to his new appointment Dr. Oscar Cabrera Melgar, he served as Chief Economist , Department of Economic and Financial Research of Central Reserv Bank
In this role he had the role of Counsel to the Chair of the Central Bank and the Government of the Republic of El Salvador , providing policy recommendations on the basis of socio-economic and financial investigations.
He coordinated the agenda for Institutional Research, Research Network of Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador ( REDIBACEN ) and was part of the Economic Policy Committee and Executive in that institution.
He represented the Central Bank Researchers Network of Central Banks of the Americas (CLAMS ) and the Network of Central Banks and Finance Ministries of the Inter- American Development Bank (BID)

He has served also as Professor of Macroeconomics at the PhD in Economics from the University of Zulia ( Venezuela ) for programs of El Salvador and Nicaragua.
He has taught at the University of Seville, in the Masters in Business Consulting ( MAECE - UES ), Public Administration , International Business and International Finance ( Evangelical University of El Salvador and Technological University of El Salvador ) .
He has been a consultant to the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery ( BCPR ) of UNDP, the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) , the Latin American Center for Rural Development ( REMISP ) , among others.

Research and has published papers in the areas of quantitative methods , international trade, financial system development and economic growth .
Among his recent publications are :
1. Functional Territories in El Salvador ( Co-author )
2. Inclusive Growth and Structural Change in El Salvador ( Co-author )
3. Socioeconomic Vulnerability to Climate Change in El Salvador ( Co-author )
4. Poverty and Inequality . Latin American Report 2011 ( coauthor )
5. Growth Pact El Salvador . Constraints Analysis ( co-author)
6. A competitive analysis in the sub - market of payment cards from the perspective of industrial organization

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