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Friday, 16 March 2012 08:40
  1. ¿Where can I find the functions of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador?
    • You can find them in the section "Functions and Organization" from the main menu, clicking in "Mission and Functions" and then, "Functions".
  2. In the web site  ¿Can I find the history of the Central Bank?
    • Yes.  You can find it from the main menu, "FUNCTIONS AND ORGANIZATION", clicking in "Historic Outline". 
  3. I want to learn about money and its history
    • From the main menu, you can find history of money in El Salvador since "CURRENCY", clicking "Colones". 
    • In the bottom of home page, in "ECONOMIC CULTURE" you can find "What is money?", where you will learn about origin of money in the world.
  4. I want to learn about economics, though I am not an economist
    • You can learn basic concepts and how a country economy works, from the bottom of home page, in "ECONOMIC CULTURE", clicking in "Economics for non Economists". 
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