El Salvador, Centroamérica



II. 3 Family Remittances 2016-2017

Million of US$

For compilation of statistics on remittances are their main sources of information to banks, Federation of Credit Unions of El Salvador (FEDECACES),  Federation of Credit and Banking  Workers, SC  of  R.L. de CV (FEDECRDITO de CV), remittance companies  with agencies in the country, exchange houses and other companies paying remittances. A complementary source of information are the results of the biennial survey of remittance senders relatives in the United States, through which remittances are measured entering the country in cash.

Monthly data on remittances for 2005  were revised by incorporating information from remittance companies, also in 2007 by expanding coverage of bank information. Moreover, since 2005  were incorporated estimates of remittances to the country in cash, as a result of the effective coefficient of remittances content determined through surveys senders residing in the United States. Senders' surveys are conducted every two years, for this reason the years between the two surveys also adjusted to reflect the trend in the receipt of cash.

(Last update:  Mar-2021)
  FLOWS Annual Growing
2020 2021 2021
Jan 423.76 515.85 21.73
Feb 448.54 506.80 12.99
Mar 435.45 683.20 56.90
Total: 1307.74 1705.84 30.44
Next date of publication : 2021-May-14