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1- Statistics Data Base > IV.14 Overall Supply And Demand. At Current Prices
IV.14 Overall Supply And Demand. At Current Prices
Milion Dollars
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Last update:  2016
   1  [-]  Overall Demand
    1.1   [-]  Final Consumption Expenditure
    1.1.1   Housings
    1.1.2   Public Administrations
    1.2   [-]  Gross Capital Formation
    1.2.1   [-]  Gross Fixed Capital Formation   Private   Public
    1.2.2   Stock Variation
    1.3   Exports of Goods and Services
   2  [-]  Overall Supply
    2.1   Imports of Goods and Services
    2.2   [-]  Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    2.2.1   Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing
    2.2.2   Mining and Quarrying Exploitation
    2.2.3   Manufacturing
    2.2.4   Electricity, Gas and Water
    2.2.5   Construction
    2.2.6   Trade, Restaurants and Hotels
    2.2.7   Transportations, Storage and Communications
    2.2.8   Financial Institutions and Insurance
    2.2.9   Real Estate and Business Services
    2.2.10   Residential Leasing
    2.2.11   Community, Social, Personal and Domestic Services
    2.2.12   Government Services
    2.2.13   Less: Imputed Financial Services
    2.2.14   Plus: Tariffs and Value Added Tax

Source: Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

(r) Revised figures

     The figures for the following variables of 1997 have been reviewed : Household Consumption, Imports, Exports and Foreign Savings. This is due to a methodological change adopted from the V Manual IMF Balance of Payments in  process of registrating  external transactions. The levels of the variables were affected.

    Due to the application of a new method for calculating the travel account in the balance payments, the figures for the following variables corresponding  to the period 2004-2008 have been reviewed: Final Consumption Expenditure of Households, Exports and Imports. The review was conducted in September 2009.    

(p) Preliminary figures