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1- Statistics Data Base > IV.10 National Disposable Income and its Allocation. At Current Prices
IV.10 National Disposable Income and its Allocation. At Current Prices
Million Dollars
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Last update:  2016
   1  [-]  Final Consumption Expenditure
    1.1   Housings
    1.2   Public Administrations
   2  [-]  Gross Capital Formation
    2.1   Private
    2.2   Public
   3  Plus: Exports of Goods and Services
   4  Less: Imports of Goods and Services
   5  Gross Domestic Product
   6  Less: Property Income with the Rest of the World
   7  Gross National Income
   8  Plus: External Net Current Transfers
   9  Gross National Disposable Income
   10  [-]  Gross National Savings
    10.1   Private
    10.2   Public
   11  External Saving

 Source: Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

(r) Revised figures
    The figures for the following variables of 1997 have been reviewed : Household Consumption, Imports, Exports and Foreign Savings. This is due to a methodological change adopted from the V Manual IMF Balance of Payments in  process of registrating  external transactions. The levels of the variables were affected.

   The figures  of variables: Expenditure on Household Final Consumption, Exports, Imports and Private Gross National Savings, for the period between 2004 to 2008 have been reviewed due to application of a new method  for the calculating the travel account in balance of payments. The review was conducted in September 2009

(p)  Preliminary Figures